1″ Extra Heavy Duty Looped Ratchet Strap-Black


AUGO is proud to bring forth the first loop-style ratchet strap!! Finally! A fail-proof, no hook Tie-Down System! Unique proprietary design replaces dangerous J hooks, D rings & similar clips & hardware with super versatile loop ends .Just wrap loops around any object & crank ratchet to quickly & safely secure. UNIVERSAL ANCHOR POINTS means no more worrying whether you have the right hardware! Enjoy max protection and endless strapping possibilites. Perfect for automotive, construction, landscaping and marine applications, camping, hunting, treestands, applicances, and much more!

  • Size: 1″ x 15ft.
  • 3,300Lb Break Strength!
  • 1,100Lb Load Capacity!
  • The first loop-style ratchet strap-No hooks!!
  • Includes: 2 Extra Heavy Duty Rathet Straps with Looped ends.

    • THE FIRST LOOP-STYLE RATCHET STRAP 2PK| Finally! A Fail-Proof, No-Hook Tie-Down System! | Unique Proprietary Design Replaces Dangerous J Hooks, D Rings & Similar Clips & Hardware with Super Versatile Loop Ends | Just Wrap Loops Around Any Object & Crank Ratchet to Quickly & Safely Secure
    • AMAZING 3,300 LB BREAK STRENGTH | Formidable 1 Inch Woven Webbing Handles Loads Up to 1,100 Lbs | Measures 15 Feet Total with [2] Simple Parts: Main Loop Strap [for Securing Item] & Shorter Strap with Ratchet Assembly [Longer Than Usual for Looping Around Large/Wide Items]
    • STRAPS DOWN VIRTUALLY ANYTHING | Unlike Typical Ratchet Straps, Looped Set Easily Breaks Into Two, Helping You Secure Objects of Various Shape, Size & Scale | Use to Secure Tree for Cutting, Tie Motorcycle to Truck, Strap Boat to Trailer or Transport Bikes, Lawn Equipment & Cargo
    • STAINLESS STEEL RATCHET BUCKLE | Durable Device Withstands Wind, Rain, Rust, Corrosion & Other Environmental Threats While Providing Easy Adjustment, Maximum Tension & the Strongest, Tightest Hold Possible | Easy-Grip Handle Firmly Clamps & Releases Strap for Stress-Free Assembly
    • UNIVERSAL ANCHOR POINTS | No More Worrying Whether You Have the Right Hardware! | Enjoy Max Protection & Endless Strapping Possibilities | Perfect for Automotive, Construction, Landscaping & Marine Applications, Camping, Hunting, Treestands, Appliances, Roof/Ladder Racks & More.